Whether you are founding a company or planning taxes:
We don't just cover your back.

Über die Team23 Steuerberatung GmbH in Wien 1200

01 Tax consulting

Strategic consulting, almost too good to be true.

Someone who just does the administration for you? There's enough of that out there already. What your company needs is a tax consultancy that not only takes care of your past, but thinks of your future. Congratulations, you have found them.

We take over these tasks for you:

We not only prepare your annual accounts and tax return, we advise you throughout the process so that both are maximally profitable for you.
Whether digital, remote or classic: We make your accounting (and payroll accounting) fit for the stage! In such a way that you always have an overview of everything that is important for your business.  
By the way, we also do international tax planning. Simple, so that you are legally secure internationally, avoid double taxation, do not miss out on refunds and / or are fully protected in the international movement of goods (both in terms of sales tax and customs law).
No matter what financial audit is pending, we are at your side with (tax) advice and action. You don't have to go through it alone.
Passion is an important part of every job we do.

02 Start-up consulting / start-ups

With us, all beginnings are easy.

You want to start a business in Austria? The joy is certainly great. In order to keep the joy in the future, we support you in everything to do with taxes, subsidies and registrations. So that you can sleep like a baby.

We take over these tasks for you:

Everything starts with a great business plan. Or with Team23, who will design and work out yours for you.
From the organization of your company foundation to intelligent tax advice (we design and always have your future in mind).
You want your business to harvest long-term success? We support you in the development of a sustainable business model.
Do you need a suitable business partner? We not only support you in your search, but also accompany and advise you in the conclusion of contracts.
And last but not least, we will send you important information about funding grants and other project financing options. That way, you'll always be up to date. By the way.
The satisfaction guarantee is of course on top of our priorities

03 Real Estate Investment in Austria

Your investment in the city of high quality of life.

The beautiful city of Vienna has been considered the city with the best quality of life for many years. So it's no wonder that more and more companies are opening their headquarters here. We facilitate this process for you, which involves a lot of legal and administrative work.

We support you with this:

Is Vienna the right city for you and your company? We advise you completely neutrally. Simply so that you can ultimately make a decision that fits your project.
Finding a suitable property is easier said than done. Not only do we know a lot of people who know someone, but we have a comprehensive picture of the local real estate market. And you can take advantage of that.
Especially if you are based abroad, there are legal aspects that must be taken into account when buying real estate. As a Viennese with many years of expertise in Austrian market, we are familiar with all these aspects. We are your compass navigating you through the legal system.
Is your project possibly eligible for funding? We'll find out for you and do everything we can to make sure you benefit as much as possible!
Whether you are based in Europe or not, we will find THE solution for your investment in Austria.
With us, your property is practically almost reached.