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Über die Team23 Steuerberatung GmbH in Wien 1200

Anyone can be „young and dynamic“. We go a step further.

That's why you want to be part of the best team

Toxic corporate cultures, unfair wages, colleagues who go to the archives for a laugh.

With just a little bad luck in the past, you've been through it all. Don't you think you deserve better? After all, work is a significant part of your life.

That's exactly why we have not only written the following values on our wall, but also live these values every day:
If you think we call ourselves Team23 just because it sounds nice, fortunately we have to disappoint you. For us, it wasn't the name that came first, but a phenomenal team that inspired us to this name.
Arbeiten bei der jungen, dynamischen Steuerberatung

01. Appreciation

None of us likes to get up in the morning feeling unappreciated. Isn't that right? For us, appreciation is an essential part of every single day. You are not just “any“ team member. You are the pivot point and fulcrum for us, that enables us to be exactly THE ones our clients need. You have a value that we appreciate 100%.

02. Open-mindedness

Yes, yes, we know it ourselves. It sounds like a mere banality and should be took for granted. You're right about that. But hey, you know as well as we do that openness is not only important for you to grow. You also know that it is NOT given everywhere. With us it is different. You will be able to read us like a book!

03. Professional development

We care about you so much that we can't help it: We want you to become the best version of yourself and we actively support you in this. With us, there is no such thing as a “custom-made“ position. You will be able to use your strengths in such a way that you shine in your full potential (we have the sunglasses ready).
Oh, and before we forget: Transparent salaries, home office options, paid professional training and reimbursement of commuting expenses are all a matter of course for us. That's why we only mention it as a side note.

By the way, we also have the good old fruit basket (even if it's not very popular on social media at the moment). Always fresh. So you can sometimes forget about lunch at home.

You are different?
You are Team23!

As we are growing every day, we are looking for reinforcement in all areas. No matter if you are a tax consultant (and those who want to become one), a lawyer, a balance sheet accountant, a payroll accountant or an accountant. Maybe even a position that YOU can fill with us.

Therefore, please call us directly or apply directly here, if we are on your agenda as a potential new team. Tell us the earliest possible start date.
Aldina is already looking forward to your application.

PS: By the way, you don't need a cover letter. Resume is enough for us ✌️
Aldina Salihodzic - Human Ressources von Team23 Steuerberatung

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